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PTZ Camera Wizmind Series

Dahua Technology has recently introduced a diverse range of industry-specific products called Dahua WizMind. These products feature cutting-edge deep learning algorithms, including thermal cameras and software platforms, among others. WizMind is designed to meet the unique requirements of its customers, offering a comprehensive array of AI products that are precise, dependable, and tailored to specific industries.

Core Functions

Advanced AI Detection and Recognition: WizMind employs cutting-edge AI chip and deep learning algorithms to achieve dependable and accurate detection and recognition of humans and vehicles, empowering users to rapidly respond to potential security threats. Furthermore, this system offers efficient AI search capabilities and invaluable human-centric data, facilitating comprehensive business analysis.

Prioritizing Product Reliability : WizMind places a premium on product reliability, achieved through rigorous component selection and comprehensive testing of front-end cameras, back-end devices, and platforms. This approach guarantees that all solutions provided by WizMind are consistent and dependable.

Comprehensive Application Solutions: WizMind offers a wide array of solutions for tracking humans and vehicles, including face recognition, privacy protection, video metadata, stereo analysis, ANPR, and illegal parking detection, among others. In addition, it integrates deep learning algorithms with thermal imaging technology to provide ultra-long distance monitoring, precise non-contact temperature measurement, and early fire detection capabilities. With this comprehensive set of tools, WizMind empowers users to address a broad range of use cases.