Year 2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Dahua’s independently developed HDCVI technology. With its mission of “Enabling a safer society and smarter living“, Dahua, over the past decade, has been continuously active in providing more opportunities to customers and improving its services with innovations and technological advancements. This year, Dahua unveils its brand new HDCVI TEN that features AI-for-all, Scheduled AI, Smart Dual Illuminators and Real 5MP 16:9 technologies, blazing a trail to the over-coax AI era.

HDCVI Technology Development


Core Technologies

• AI-for-all

AI-for-all means that AI technology is not only available on high-end XVR models, but also on affordable and user-friendly ones, allowing everyone to benefit from it. The use of an independently developed AI chip and advanced deep-learning algorithm enables HDCVI to accurately recognize humans and vehicles, providing precise alarms and efficient target search. This enhances video analysis efficiency and reduces labor costs, allowing users to focus on real threats. Overall, Dahua dubai commitment to making AI accessible to everyone promotes a safer society and smarter living.

SMD Plus
SMD Plus, also known as Smart Motion Detection Plus, is a technology that can accurately identify human and vehicle shapes through motion detection, thereby reducing false alarms. This feature also allows for quick target search, with users having the freedom to choose the target type, leading to a significant improvement in search efficiency.

AI Coding
AI Coding is a feature that prioritizes human and vehicle shapes during encoding, ensuring high-quality target images while saving up to 50% on storage and bandwidth costs compared to standard H.265 encoding. Unlike H.265+, which uses Variable Bit Rate (VBR), AI Coding employs Constant Bit Rate (CBR), resulting in a consistent stream that is easier to manage and optimize for bandwidth utilization.

• Scheduled AI

Previously, users could only enable one AI function per channel and had to manually configure the system to switch to another function. However, with the latest advancements, AI functions can now be set according to different time periods, making configuration more efficient and suitable for various application scenarios such as villas, retail stores, and public swimming pools.

• Smart Dual Illuminators

Dahua Dubai Smart Dual Illuminators technology is an industry-leading feature that allows for flexible switching between IR mode and white light mode. When the default Smart Illumination Mode is enabled, the supplementary white light will only turn on when the target is detected by the SMD Plus or Perimeter Protection function of the AI-enabled XVR, reducing light pollution during nighttime. This technology also includes other modes, such as IR Mode and White Light Mode, to meet the various scene requirements of customers.

• Real 5MP

The HDCVI Real 5MP camera is an innovative product that boasts being the industry’s first 5MP camera with 16:9 video output. It offers improved image performance and can better suit common HD displays without any distortion. Additionally, the Real 5MP camera can support 5MP real-time transmission, providing users with a clearer and more detailed visual experience. With its Starlight features, it can also capture bright and clear images during nighttime surveillance.