What is WizSense?

WizSense is an Wide range AI-based product series developed by Dahua Technology that features independent AI chips and deep learning algorithms. The series focuses on recognizing humans and vehicles with high accuracy, making it easier for users to identify real targets. Its intelligent functions, simple configuration, and inclusive products benefit everyone.


SMD 4.0: an upgraded AI capability that filters out irrelevant objects in a scene. Its deep learning algorithm is optimised to avoid triggering false alarms, even with small or large animals in the scene.
Quick Pick:which can quickly identify human or vehicle targets of interest. This feature is integrated into both cameras and recorders, allowing users to search for relevant SMD events based on clothing and vehicle colors.
AI SSA: WizSense technology uses deep learning algorithms to intelligently identify multiple scenes and adjust to their optimal images. This feature enhances the image quality of monitored scenes and improves the user experience.

AI Coding(IP Solution):AI Coding(IP Solution) feature that addresses the challenge of maintaining image quality while saving storage cost. With its dynamic allocation of bit rate based on Constant Bit Rate (CBR), this feature provides clear target images while saving more than 25% bit rate compared to H.265.

WizSense Core Technologies

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