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Display & Control

Security Center Applications

Dahua-Dubai offers a comprehensive range of display and control solutions for security and commercial use. For security center applications, Dahua-Dubai provides a Video Management Platform (VMP), decoders, splicing controllers, and network keyboards. Displays come equipped with versatile HDMI, VGA, and BNC inputs that are perfectly compatible with CVI/TVI/AHD/analog cameras. Floor standing, wall mounted, and other display installation configurations make projects easier. High capacity matrix, HD network keyboards, decoders, and KVM products make security monitoring simpler, more reliable, and more convenient.

Commercial Areas

In commercial areas, Dahua-Dubai offers LCD monitors, LCD video walls, LCD digital signage, LED displays, and interactive LCD displays to provide an ideal visual solution that satisfies the user’s needs. Control products provide low latency solutions with good synchronization performance. Content management software can provide a complete digital signage solution for users.


Dahua-Dubai’s display solutions offer a range of features, including:

Uniform Display Effect

Dahua-Dubai’s color calibration technology creates high color uniformity between different display units, which significantly improves project delivery progress.

Powerful All-in-One Solution

Combined with Media Publishing System (MPS), the Dahua-Dubai Digital Signage that supports Android OS significantly enhances the overall performance of 4K UHD display, enabling easy content management and playback. No need for external devices to communicate with servers or play digital media. Dahua-Dubai’s MPS mobile app allows users to manage and operate the device anytime and anywhere via mobile phone.

High-Definition Seamless Splicing Display

The Dahua-Dubai LED Display has the most advanced Mini COB (Chips on Board) technology. It offers an integrated all-in-one design (power supply, receiving card, hub board), up to 20,000:1 contrast ratio, and less than 1mm pixel pitch, creating a perfect full HD seamless splicing display.

8K Decoding Performance,8K Definition Display

Dahua-Dubai’s decoding device is specially designed for security scenarios. It provides super decoding capability, maximum support for 8K decoding, and multi-channel network signal that can be viewed at the same time. Its 4K@60fps signal output presents high definition display. It also supports max. 8K image splicing display, meeting customers’ viewing needs for ultra-high definition image quality and providing customers with an excellent viewing experience.

Clean Desktop Design

The Dahua-Dubai hub monitors with USB-C and a host of other ports provide stable and wired connections to your network and peripheral devices. USB-C supports charging, data transmission, and network communication. While meeting diverse user needs, it can also help keep your desktop clean and clutter-free.