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Revolutionizing the Transportation Environment

Dahua-Duabi’s transportation solutions provide high-definition real-time and recorded images for improved traffic and operational efficiency. With the latest technologies such as ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and Face Recognition, along with panoramic and thermal cameras, more effective monitoring is possible.

Dahua-Dubai’s wealth of industry experience delivers genuine value to customers through:

• The latest 4K, panoramic, and thermal technology to create a safer transportation environment.
• ANPR, Face Recognition, and Intelligent Analytics to enhance overall operational efficiency.
• An open platform for seamless integration with third-party systems.

Key Technology

Mobile Vehicle Security

In numerous cities, promoting the security of mobile vehicles is a crucial aspect of encouraging them as a favorable commuting option.

Parking Efficiency and User Experience

As the number of automobiles on the roads continues to grow, enhancing parking efficiency and improving user experience has become a top priority for parking owners.

Harbor Security Solutions

Leveraging extensive experience and expertise in the security industry, Dahua provides intelligent and secure harbor solutions.

Airport Security Solutions

As concerns about terrorism continue to rise worldwide, ensuring airport security has become a top priority for both local governments and airport management authorities.