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Standalone NVRs: These independent devices can be directly connected to the network and cameras, without the need for a separate computer.

PoE NVRs: Power over Ethernet (PoE) NVRs provide power to cameras over the Ethernet cable, simplifying installation and reducing costs.

Wireless NVRs: These NVRs connect to cameras wirelessly, eliminating the need for cables while still requiring a power source.

Embedded NVRs: Standalone devices with dedicated operating systems and software, typically built into non-PC hardware.

Enterprise NVRs: Designed for large-scale applications with advanced features like video analytics, redundancy, and RAID storage.

Hybrid NVRs/DVRs: Support both IP cameras and analog cameras, making them suitable for transitioning from analog to digital systems.

Cloud-Based NVRs: Store and manage video footage on the cloud, providing easy access, scalability, and reduced hardware costs.

At Dahua Dubai, we provide comprehensive security solutions using our high-quality Dahua CCTV systems. Our experts ensure seamless installation and customization to meet diverse market needs.

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